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"My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems give me
work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram, or the most
intricate analysis and I am in my own proper atmosphere.
But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"Of all ghosts the ghosts of our old loves are the worst."
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Presentations continued

The Black Museum
The Black Museum


26/11/1985: The Black Museum and Its Treasures
Bill Waddell (Curator)

Fifty Years in Crime the Changing Scheme
Sir Fredrick Lawton

The Dingo Baby Case (Australia)
Professor J.M. Cameron

Mrs Livesey: Guilty or Not Guilty? (In 1979, at Preston Crown Court, Margaret Livesey was found guilty of the murder of her son. She appealed in 1980, claiming that she had confessed while confused and that she could not have committed the crime in the time available to her, but the appeal was dismissed. Following further campaigning by ‘Justice’, also a TV programme which questioned the verdict, a second appeal was heard in 1986, but this too was dismissed.
John Rowe QC (who had represented Mrs Livesey on appeal)

Murder at the New York Tribune – and Other Instances of Dementia Americana
Albert Borowitz

‘The Babes-in-the-Wood Case’ (The murders of two nine-year old girls in Brighton in 1986 led to the trial and acquittal of Russell Bishop who was convicted of attempted murder in an unrelated case three years later.)
Brian Leary QC

The A6 Murder, 1961: Trial and Post-Trial Evidence
Jean Justice (who stood in for the intended speaker at very short notice.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe

18/4/1989: The Murder of Marilyn Monroe?
Fenton Bresler

The Paper-Boy Case (Carl Bridgewater)
Jeremy Roberts QC

24/4/1990: Poison by Umbrella (death of Georgi Markov)
Dr. Rufus Crompton

Ann Chapman: a Greek Tragedy (The murder of a radio reporter in Athens, 1971.)
Professor David Bowen

Murder – Man or Animals? (the death of Julie Ward in Kenya)
Professor G. Austin Gresham and John Ward, Julie’s father.

The Birmingham Six
Graham Boal QC

The Responsibilities of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Dame Barbara Mills QC

The Craig and Bentley Case
Robin Odell

Writing About Crime
(The first Dinner following the death of Henry Elam.)
Jonathan Goodman

The Great Train Robbery: Thirty Years On
Keith Milner QPM

Jeremy Bamber and the White House Farm Murders
Roger Wilkes

Myra Hindley: a Different Case? (The next morning, the Daily Star (then subtitled ‘The No. 1 Paper for NEWS’) carried a front-page story which read, in small part: ‘A secret meeting – a Dogooders’ Summit – was held last night to plot the next move in the campaign to free child-killer Myra Hindley. News of the discussion over a four-course meal at the Imperial Hotel is bound to spark outrage … ‘Ann West, mother of Lesley Ann Downey, was quoted as saying that we were ‘a bunch of twisted weirdos’ – and, compounding the libel, the paper commented on the untrue story in its first leading article.
The Rev. Peter Timms (special guests: the Hon. David Astor, CH, and his wife Bridget; Benedict Birnberg, Ian Brady’s solicitor; Lord and Lady Longford; Andrew McCooey, Myra Hindley’s solicitor)

14/2/1995: The Leaders of London’s Gangland
James Morton and Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read

O J Simpson
OJ Simpson

23/5/1995: O.J. Simpson: America’s Latest Crime of the Century
Albert Borowitz

Further Developments in the Julie Ward Case
John Ward (who stood in for the intended speaker at very
short notice)

The Armstrong Poisoning Case (Hay-on-Wye, 1921)
Robin Odell (‘for the prosecution’) and Martin Beales (‘for the defence’)

A Most Unusual Inquest – which the speaker had conducted on Ascension Island (The first Members-only Dinner for 89 years)
Sir Montague B. Levine

Aspects of Forensic Pathology (including a discussion of the West mass-murder case, Gloucester)
Professor Bernard Knight, CBE (followed by comments from
Brian Leveson, QC, who had led for the Crown at the trial of Mrs Rosemary West, Winchester, 1995)

Operation Orchid: the inquiry into crimes by paedophiles in East London, 1989-92
Ex-Detective Chief Inspector David Easy

Scandal at the Savoy (the killing of Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey by his wife Marguerite, 1923)
Andrew Rose

Lord Lucan
Lord Lucan

25/3/1997: The Disappearance of Lord Lucan
H H Judge Brian Watling QC (who had represented the
Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police at the inquest)

Experts and the Law – with reference to some recent criminal trials in which the speaker had appeared as counsel
Anthony Scrivener QC

Matricide at the Metropole: the Sidney Fox case, Margate 1929
Andrew Rose; H H Allan King-Hamilton QC, recalled the trial of Fox (Lewes Assizes, 1929, at which he was the Judge’s Marshal

A British War Criminal?
Sir Peter Badge (who, as Chief Metropolitan Stipendiary Magistrate, had committed Szymon Serafinowicz for trial) followed by comments from John Nutting, QC and William Clegg, QC respectively Crown Counsel and Defence Counsel at both the committal proceedings and the truncated trial.

A Whiff of Homicide (The speaker, Emeritus Professor of Anaesthesia at the University of London, discussed illegal uses of anaesthetics, dealing in particular with a trial at Chelmsford Crown Court in 1984 in which he was an expert witness for the defence: following the death of Betty Amor from inhalation of chloroform, apparently used as an aphrodisiac by herself and her lover, a research chemist, named David Harvey, the latter charged with murder, was convicted of manslaughter, for which he received a suspended sentence.)
Professor James Payne

The Murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common
William Clegg QC (who had successfuly defended Colin Stagg)

The Case of the Green-Tailed Mare: the trial of Aleck Bourne, FRCS
H H Judge Brian Watling QC

The Rajneesh Murder Conspiracy (against the US Attorney for Oregon) Andrew McCooey (one of the defendants, Sally-Anne Croft, was present and answered questions)

11/5/1999: Ripper Diaries: Fact or Fiction?
Shirley Harrison and Keith Skinner

Professor Higgins and the Courtroom
Dr Peter French, Forensic Speech Scientist

Lee Clegg
Lee Clegg

24/1/2000: The Case of Private Lee Clegg
William Clegg QC

Zeebrugge to Ladbroke Grove:
Disasters of All Kinds and How to Deal with Them
David Calvert-Smith QC

The Hungerford Shootings
Dr Richard Shepherd

The Babes in the Wood Case
Iain Sproat and Leonard “Nipper” Read

The Shooting of Steven Waldorf
Michael Bradley Taylor

The Confessions of John Duffy – The So-called Railway Murderer Det.Supt. Leslie Bolland

The Morgan Axe Murder
Sir Montague B. Levine

Conan Doyle as Sherlock Homes
Richard Lancelyn Green

The Charles Angus Murder Case
Glenn Chandler

Jill Dando
Jill Dando

19/11/2002: The Murder of Jill Dando
Orlando Pownall QC

Tara Perry – Facing the Electric Chair
Andrew McCooey

UK Response to 9/11
Dr Richard Shepherd

What Makes a Classic Murder Case?
(Club Centenary Dinner)
Jonathan Goodman, James Morton, Andrew Rose and
Robin Odell

The Attempted Theft of a Fortune in Diamonds from the Millennium Dome
Martin Heslop QC

Deedes on Murder
Lord “Bill” Deedes

A Queer Affair: The Mysterious Life and Death of Leslie Holt
Professor James Payne

The Soham Murders
Dr Nathaniel Cary

The Sheffield Gang Wars
Julian Broadhurst

Mr. Kipper and Suzy Lamplugh
Robin Odell

7/2/2006: The Denver Society Murder
Jonathan Goodman

Getting Away with Murder
HM Coroner Dr Paul Knapman

7/11/2006: The Death of David Kelly and How the West was Spun
Tom Mangold

Conscientious Objection and the Gulf War; The Case of Gunner Williams
HHJ Gordon Risius CB

From Hero to Zero: The Rise and Fall of the Medical Witness
Professor Michael Green

The Murder of Frank Mitchell: The Mad Axeman
Leonard “Nipper” Read

Frank Mitchell being escorted by police officers
Frank Mitchell

4/12/2007: Sex Crimes and Misdemeanours: A Christmas Entertainment
James Morton

Sir Bernard Spilsbury: Hero or Villain?
Andrew Rose

The Siege of Sidney Street
Donald Rumbelow

The Murder of PC Gutteridge
Robin Odell

Defending Barry George: The murderer of Jill Dando
William Clegg QC

The Golden Age? Murder between the Wars

Operation Mincemeat – New Light on The Man Who Never Was
Ben Macintyre

Salieri and The Murder of Mozart
Albert Borowitz

Mozart and Salieri
Mozart and Salieri

The Centenary of Dr Crippen (Executed 23rd November 1910): A Miscarriage of Justice?
John Cooper QC

Provocation as a Defence to Murder: The Rene Duffy Case
Professor Susan Edwards

The Bermuda Triangle
Tom Mangold

1888 And All That: A Year of Invention and Creativity with
Criminal Undertones
Robin Odell

Was George Davis Innocent?
David Whitehouse QC

R v Barker: Baby P and Child Witnesses – Lessons learnt by one Shell-shocked QC
Bernard Richmond QC

On Getting Into Killers’ Shoes
Professor David Canter

Jeremy Bamber
Jeremy Bamber

4/12/2012: The Trial of Jeremy Bamber and After
Anthony Arlidge QC

Aftermath: The Omagh Bombing and the Families pursuit of Justice’
Ruth Dudley Edwards

The True Story of Burke and Hare
HM Coroner Christopher Dorries

Neville Heath. War Hero, Conman, Killer
Sean O’Connor

Looking Back and Dropping Names
Moray Watson

11/3/2014: John Christie: The Mind of a Murderer
Dr Jonathan Oates

6/5/2014: Ian Brady: Prison or Hospital
HH Judge Robert Atherton on his ruling that the Moors murderer should remain in a maximum-security hospital due to insanity

14/10/2014: Female Murderers I Have Known
Dr Ann Coxon

2/12/2014: A Christmas Causerie
Robin Odell

10/3/2015: Poison is a Woman's Weapon
Angela Brabin

12/5/2015: Escape from Broadmoor: The Trials and Strangulations of John Thomas Straffen
Gordon Lowe

13/10/2015: Cricket's Dark Side
David Frith

8/12/2015: The Work of the Forensic Toxicologist in Three Cases
Dr Simon Elliott. Included cause of death by alcohol intoxication of singer Amy Winehouse

8/3/2016: Prisoner 4374: Poisoner Neill Cream
A.J. Griffiths-Jones

10/5/2016: The Acid Bath Murders. The Trials and Liquidations of John George Haigh
Gordon Lowe

18/10/2016: The Name is Kray A film on the Kray twins with footage and interviews not seen since their conviction in 1969
Tom Mangold

13/12/2016: Dickens, Pickwick & Christmas
Professor Tony Pointon 

14/3/2017: Suffollk Strangler Steven Wright, 2006 serial killer of five sex workers. 
Solicitor Mark Haslam 

9/5/2017: Triple murderer John Merret AKA "The Amazing Mr Chesney".Author Jonathan Oates

10/10/2017: Daisy Wallace's brutal stabbing in 1949 remains unsolved despite here explicit diary entries.
Solicitor & author James Morton 

13/3/2018: Marshall Hall 'A law unto himself'. Career of the Edwardian celebrity barrister.
Author & QC Sally Smith

8/5/2018: The A6 murderer, James Hanratty. One of the final executions in the UK found not be a miscarriage of justice following new DNA evidence. Retired Detective Paul Stickler

9/10/2018: Murder in Mile End, a case Conan Doyle couldn't solve but our speaker claims he has. 1860 murder of Mary Emsley.
Author Sinclair McKay

21/11/2018: Jeremy Thorpe's 1975 attempted murder of Norman Scott, film with new evidence on those involved.
Reporter Tom Mangold

12/3/2019Sir Harry Oakes (gold miner and philanthropist) 1943 murder, still unsolved.
Retired Detective Paul Stickler.

14/5/2019: Forensic science and the misinterpretation of evidenceProfessor Ruth Morgan 

10/9/2019: Muriel McKay kidnap and murder. Film presentation with unheard audio from the 1969 ransom tapes.
Reporter Tom Mangold

26/12/2019: 'The Body in the Bag'. GCHQ worker Gareth Williams likely died accidentally in 2010 while enacting a sexual fetish.
Pathologist Richard Shepherd.

10/3/2020: The Porthole murder. James Camb convicted of murdering Actress Gay Gibson who went missing aboard a ship in 1947.
Retired Detective Paul Stickler standing in for a cancellation.
N.B. this was our last meeting at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. September and December's meetings were cancelled.

Though quite considerable research has gone into the compilation of this list, a few titles or papers remain opaque, and in some instances it has not been possible to ascertain the title of the paper and/or the name of the speaker. If any member can solve any of the mysteries, he or she is requested to tell the Honorary Secretary.

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